Nomad architect, is that a thing?

It is now 🙂

How does it work?

Happy to explain. I created a video specially to answer this question > How it works

What is your expertise?

My expertise is transforming ideas into spaces.
the essence of my work is the design aspect – everything the user experience in your project.
The most important thing about architecture is the fact that it serves humans, it has to be both beautiful and practical.
We create optimal spaces for people to be creative productive and happy.

Don’t architects need to stay in one place, to be present overviewing the project?

I am using the same work method as the biggest architecture firms:
They create the design concept, collaborate with a local team and supervise the process.
I do prefer to visit the site at least once before we start the design process, but not always its possible,
depends on the budget of the client and the timing of the project.

At what point in my project should I involve an architect?

That is a great question.
I believe that an architect point of view is essential from the very beginning.
an architect point of view can help you purchase the right property for your project, taking into account wide factors as urban context and environmental aspects.
An experienced architect will help you define the right size of the project as well as usability and dynamics.
I have created a short article that make the architectural process easier to understand, and give you basic tools to analyze existing designs or properties. (-link-)

Where is your base?

Being a nomad means I don’t have a base.
The whole world is my home, as long as I have a good internet connection I can live anywhere.
Are you familiar with the term “Digital Nomad”?
My good nomad friend Rossana calls it “homeless Wi-Fi junky”. I tend to agree.
You can check where am I now here > current location

How do you decide about the next destination?

My purpose to travel is to learn and master different techniques and ideas in areas around the world.
As sustainability is growing within society and the way things are built. What I learn I incorporate into my architectural approach, and share useful content on my site for others to learn and share the inspiration.
The decision about the next destination is a combination of my bucket list, work meetings, good weather and community life.

Are you looking for team members?

Always. I adjust the size and character of my team according to the project.
If you are an experienced architect, graphic designer or a 3D artist and you feel that we share the same mindset send me your portfolio to: info@adicohenarchitect.com

Can you teach me how to be a nomad architect?

The best advice I give to architects that are looking to live this lifestyle is “go out and talk to strangers”.
Go to places you don’t normally go to, talk with people, follow your passion.
If you are excited about something – it means you are in the right way!
with that being said, I do highly recommend working in a architecture studio for a few years before starting your own business.
Knowledge and experience are priceless.

Recently I started supporting young creatives in their journey, If that sounds like something you would like to do
contact me to book your session.

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