How It Works

Creating a new project
step by step

  • Brainstorming and defining the core values of the project
  • Defining the design brief, facilities program.
  • Review of your ideas and aspirations
  • Using architectural tools I will transform your ideas into spaces.
  • Urban context analysis
  • Review potential properties
  • Existing Building Analysis
  • Schematic Design: Illustrating alternatives.
  • Site study: characteristic, climate factors, strength & weaknesses
  • Architecture & design Development of the chosen design scheme.
  • Investment presentation, promotional materials.
  • Project master plan – flexible design to exhaust in steps
  • 3D visualization Basic\ rendered
  • 3D animation walk through video.
  • Sustainable/Energy Efficient Design Solutions
  • Detailed drawings of the chosen design.
  • Interior design approach.
  • Weekly online meeting with the project manager.
  • Working in collaboration with the project manager and the local team.
  • Visits on site
  • Interior design approach, colors materials etc.
  • Guiding a local interior design team
  • Supervising purchase process
  • Lighting design
  • Hunting for one of a kind, local items
  • Rooms detailed design
  • Custom designed furniture
  • Wallpaper \ tiles
  • Art work, custom and otherwise

A 21st century architecture studio

I created my studio based on the new global mindset and the freedom it brings us. That means:
Sharing my expertise: transforming ideas into spaces.
the main part of my work is dedicated to the design aspect – everything the user experience in your project. my services toolset is very dynamic, I can provide just the concept, a detailed set of plans as well as remote support when needed.
I work with entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide and collaborate with local architecture firms.


My team: based on Scalability and skills

When you work with us, you are paying for our skills, not office space.

Since most of the work process takes place online. We don’t own an office. No bills, no office supplies.
I hire people based on talent instead of location.
That allows me to work with the most talented professionals and adjust my team character and it’s size according to the project needs.


Your time is valuable:

We work really fast if needed.

The luxury bar concept was developed in two weeks only including rendering!
We give our full attention to each project and have high standards for quality and transparency.


It’s a two-ways street: the freedom to choose my projects.

Based on the understanding that shared values leads to a better result, I choose to work with clients that share the same mindset as I do.

I give each client my full attention, each project is planned out carefully.
For me, its important that you know you are working with the best worldwide team.

Giving back to the community is important to me, and every year I dedicate time to help in a non-profit organizations. (want to apply? Email me)


Worldwide – the freedom to move:

Since I can work from anywhere, that also means Its possible to schedules site visits and consult sessions. (check my current location>)

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He who has freed himself of the disease of 'tomorrow' has a chance to attain what he came here for