I like talking to new people, listen to their stories and learn from their experience. I guess I’m not the only one.
The first season of the podcast focused is people who decided to re-invent the way people live together.
I hosted ten extremely talented entrepreneurs from various locations around the world to share their story experience and insights.
Antoine Demeestere


Barcelona, Spain

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. It actually never is. Antoine had an idea to start a coliving project in the French basque country. Join us to learn how to let go and see what his future plans are. This podcast is talk about ecology, community and big dreams.

My favorite part was when he explained the joy of eating a life you created. I’m not kidding.


Antoine’s LinkedIn profile.


Go out & Talk to strangers – Season 2


The next season will focus on unique experiences.
If you’ve ever been in a place that made impression on you, or you have started one yourself:
Retreat centers, sustainable projects, rural hotels, art gallery
Or anything else that creates a special experience for guests.

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