I like talking to new people, listen to their stories and learn from their experience. I guess I’m not the only one.
The first season of the podcast focused is people who decided to re-invent the way people live together.
I hosted ten extremely talented entrepreneurs from various locations around the world to share their story experience and insights.
Kaela Atleework


Constantly changing

After leaving a successful career in the modelling industry, Kaela went on a journey around the world which led her eventually to create her own unique project.

Kaela’s project combines two things that usually don’t come together – travel & community.

Join us to know how she choose the next location, what is co-evolve and get inspired by this amazing woman.


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Go out & Talk to strangers – Season 2


The next season will focus on unique experiences.
If you’ve ever been in a place that made impression on you, or you have started one yourself:
Retreat centers, sustainable projects, rural hotels, art gallery
Or anything else that creates a special experience for guests.

Tell me all about it! >> Email