Who Am I

When I was a little girl, my mom allowed me to draw on the walls in my room.
When I tried to express myself in the same way on the school walls it didn’t went as well as I expected.
This however didn’t stop me from accomplishing my dream of being an architect.

I remember my 18-year-old self, sitting on a hill and watching the cars passing by.
It was an early morning, and everyone was rushing to get to work.
I always wished to “live a different life”.
To be excited to wake up in the morning, live a life you don’t need a vacation from.
I found my purpose in life, in the form of architecture.

my unique experience as a nomad architect allows me to live a lifestyle that combines two of my greatest passions: my wish to explore new parts of the world  while creating unforgettable places that create experiences.

It’s an endless circle of learning and creation, interacting with new ideas, fascinating people and cultures.

Sometimes, it’s a never-ending hunt for good coffee.

The future is always beginning now


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